Where to buy gear

Check local sources first!

You can buy a lot of good stuff from local windsurfers and kitesurfers. There are many reasons to do so. First, many parts (like fins, harnesses, masts, extenders, etc.) don't deteriorate over years of recreational use. Second, you can save money and buy higher-level gear like carbon masts and booms. Third, you can check things out before you buy (not an option when you shop online). Finally, you will help fellow windsurfers and reduce waste by reusing rather than buying new.


  • 2-rad (Canada)
  • Boardsports (Canada)
  • SilentSports (Canada)
  • North Beach Windsurfing (FL, US)
  • The House (MN, US)
  • Ocean Air Sports (NC, US)
  • Wind NC (NC, US)
  • Hampton Watersports (Long Island, US)
  • Extreme Windsurfing (NJ, US)
  • Curtis Sport Connection (NY, US)
  • Big Winds (Oregon, US)
  • Sailworks (Oregon, US)
  • Windance (Oregon, US)
  • Gorge Surf Shop (Oregon, US)
  • MarinerSails.com (Texas, US)
  • WorldWinds (Texas, US)
  • MarinerSails.com (Texas, US)
  • Safety