Windsurfing Schools and Rentals

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To add a windsurfing school to this map, please send the school website URL to

How to build your own Google map

  1. Sign in to Google
  2. Go to
  3. In My Maps section click <Create>
  4. Click <Untitled map>, enter a name for your map, <Save>
  5. Click location markerLocation marker, find your location on the map and pin it.
  6. Name your location, and add description if requred (web site name is a good idea), <Save>
  7. Optional – click Directions markerto add driving/walking directions
  8. Click <Share>
  9. Across <Private – only you can access> click <Change>, select <Public>, click <Save>
  10. Ctrl-С to copy the link. You can now paste this link into forum posts, or in email Ctrl-V)
  11. Click <Done> to return to the map

If you want to embed the map in your web site

  1. Click extended menu next to +Share and select <Embed on my site>
  2. Copy-paste code into your web page