My name is Andrei and I live in the center of Canada - far away from the ocean.

This web site is about my recreational windsurfing experience. Not wave jumping, acrobatics, racing or any other pro stuff. It's designed to help ordinary people have weekend fun on the water.

The closest lake is a 100km drive. The season lasts 3-4 months. A good wind happens couple of weekends per season. No surf shops and instructors around. Just a couple of good places to practice.

One day a young lady approached me asking where and how she can learn windsurfing. And I realized, that despite the pile of information on the Internet, no web sites would help a beginner, who needs some introduction, a few hours of hands-on instruction, first-time sail board, etc.

Hopefully this small web site would offer some help.

For those who have suggestions -- how to improve this web site, add useful links, publish a story (travel report, learning experience, etc.) -- please contact . I'd reserve the right to edit the material, while you will retain all other rights. including the removal of your publication.