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Welcome to!

My goal is two-fold:

You can learn basic windsurfing from scratch in a few days
- just need a good instructor and a suitable location

Windsurfing is fantastic sport and activity. Unfortunately, if you live in a wrong place, getting into windsurfing is tough. By 'wrong' place I mean a cold place, with no good access to water, no instructors and no surf shops. Too bad, most of North America is a 'wrong' place in that sense.

Unlike in Europe, the Caribbean tourism industry and windsurfing seem to be in two different worlds. Windsurfing places and schools are located far away from mainstream all-inclusive sun travel destinations. All-inclusive resorts advertise 'free windsurfing', which is the worst possible way to start. The truth is, there are very few Caribbean resorts with right conditions for beginners. Not a single one known to me offers either good equipment or instruction.

With that said, it's still totally worth it -- to try and learn windsurfing!

Hopefully, this site will help you with some tips: Places worth traveling to, what to do if there is no wind, how to link to fellow windsurfers in your area, and so on...

Hotel managers, surf school owners and vendors may find some ideas as well, like how to improve the existing service, or build a great new one. Perhaps one day, an all-inclusive Caribbean resort will host a real windsurfing school for beginners!

A word of caution. Everything said in this web site is my personal opinion. Take it with a grain of salt, and use your own sense before you start following my hints. Safety always comes first. Remember, nothing can replace a good instructor and your own cool judgment!